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as a disclaimer I’m not the CEO of the company I’m not a co-owner of the company I am not licensed financial advisor to be giving you financial advice I am one of you I got a phone call a couple of months ago they said Brandon we’re putting together a company that is right up your field of expertise knowing with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology all your focus is gonna be on education philanthropy and charity and when I saw for the first time I didn’t fully understand it it took me a couple of weeks and why because their mission is let’s be different they’re doing things differently and I didn’t recognize that at first but what does that mean let’s be different well here’s a vision of the company enough to give we have a strong moral integral and Purpose Driven vision to change lives around the world through our ecosystem we’re standing on four pillars but first being philanthropy we are focused on creating a culture of worldwide giving the second is education reward those who give while teaching them the value behind growing personally and the third is banking bank the unbanked through our giving and the fourth is personal causes create a social revolution of stories with people whose needs have been met through the up to give community we have built a model where people from around the world can come together get educated banked and skilled on the principles of philanthropy and EQ emotional intelligence while creating a culture of global giving during the education process we will be teaching members how to utilize one of our tools for giving called the giving box this will allow us to fulfill the purpose of our core principles as well as help contribute to the stories being shared in our community to engage in the social revolution part of our culture now here are some examples of our target areas of focus education the organization for cooperation and economic development found that 50 percent of US adults can’t read a book written at a 8th grade level lack of formal education results in lower earning power and serious threats to an individual’s long-term well-being what about banking did you know that we have almost two billion people around the globe do not have access to a bank account l currently nearly a billion people spend 10% of their household income or more on health expenses for themselves a sick child or another family member the report argues that with universal health care we can help some 3.8 billion people around the globe have access and they lack access to basic health care especially with coronavirus going on right now this is a huge issue housing currently over 850 million people more than the populations of the US and the European Union combined are living in informal settlements so what is our ultimate goal it’s simply to empower you and people around the world to contribute towards anyone’s cause in our ecosystem whether it is to help achieve a goal that helps someone in your family your church your country your community it doesn’t matter how big or small that vision or mission is we will bring the nations together to help support those causes and with our model being a model of philanthropy we are confident that the up to get family will be there for you up together the global correlation movement now how does someone get educated in our ecosystem well we’ve partnered with a company called success training institutes success training institute is a cutting-edge soft skills training program that offers audio and video training and that that lasts 5 to 10 minutes so you can fit it within your schedule so you can improve on things like leadership customer service professional development personal development sales team building HR management management training and much more we also have an additional courses that you can get certified in courses like improving your brand self-discipline goal-setting conflict resolution growing on the go maintaining focus empathy and social skills mastery another pillar that we want to stand on besides education is banking we know that there’s 1.7 billion people in the world are currently unbanked we partnered with a company called allah-allah that as their motto was joined the future of banking be the first to sin and receive money for a fraction of the cost access microcredit offers from your favorite retailers pay bills with ease build credit enjoy online shopping and take charge of your financial future with our exclusive ooh Lala partnership without the need of having a bank account Huell allows a full-service financial solution designed to empower communities so how does someone get banked in our ecosystem with lulala lulala facilitates and accelerates Financial Inclusion with our blockchain powered platform and app whoo Lala build a credit score access virtual and physical payment cards secure transactions personalized offers bill payments and more we also offer microcredit offers our Michael credit marketplace helps users build their credit history empowering the unbanked underbanked community rule allows mission is to offer inexpensive financial services to this demographic help establish a credit score which will enable them to participate in formal financial economy so what our personal cause is now is another pillar for us so you have to give us a platform that allows anybody the ability to come here share whatever their cause is whatever your story whatever you need a little bit of help in and our entire community have that has access to be able to see it and be able to contribute to it so it’s like a blog that looks just like this you’re gonna be able to put the title what it’s about this one is I may have Alzheimer’s but I’m still Nitze it calls for my mother and Alzheimer’s patients with aggressive behaviors that don’t fit in then you’re going to be able to read the cause see what it’s all about then you’re gonna have two options the first option allows you to support this cause join the community and create a cause of your own or the second option is the ability to contribute to this cause without actually joining the community you’re gonna be you’re gonna have access to a Bitcoin address and an amount that you can send to this cause powerful we even have a community section where you’re able to view all the causes in the ecosystem more than 27,000 578 causes and growing so you can everybody’s calling me right when I got it doing a lot of presentation 27,000 578 causes then growing now how does someone get started the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna set up an account add up to give calm the second thing you’re gonna do is you want to upload your Bitcoin wallet to your personalized back-office and the third thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna share your store you see everything that we do is in Bitcoin everything we do is in Bitcoin and when you share your story it’s gonna look like that one that says I am Nitza now here’s a sign-up process and experience let’s say you’re Maria in California you share your link with John and John is in London the moment John clicks on her link the first thing he will see is her story once John reads her story at the end of the message a pop up saying John will you like to be part of Maria’s journey click here once John has clicked to join the system will take him to the registration page where he can add his basic information now let’s talk about John’s experience John now has 14 days free in the up to give community now what does this mean John has the opportunity to experience our back-office and ecosystem John could take the sample courses we have available in our up to give academy portal our by success training institute john has enough time to decide to become a member or simply contribute to Maria’s cause because you have the option to simply contribute and not join the community now let’s assume that John decides to join Maria’s journey unhhhh has before the 14th day midnight to pay a $32 member fee in Bitcoin while the activation of his education program add up to give Academy he’s going to be able to create his story page have a user link and the moment he contributes to up to give causes during that same period of time he becomes a ground zero member of the giving box now the more that we contribute to each other the more that up to get is going to contribute back when you reach your complete level 3 of the giving box up to give is gonna give you a debit card so that you can start monetizing the Bitcoin that you’ve been given through the ecosystem this is our partnership with you Lala with our mission of helping Bank the unbanked and if you don’t want to wait till you get to level 3 you can get this when you first join for a small set up fee when a person completes level 4 you will have the option of choosing from 12 different cause different programs lets you have made the choice you will follow the steps given in your back office and a liaison will be assigned to you and you will work together for approximately 45 days to create a story out of that cause which we will then go viral with it up together will contribute on your behalf for reaching level for a maximum of $15 $1500 to that cause fulfilling our social revolution part of our four pillars when a person reaches level 5 it gets gonna reward them with an all-expense-paid trip to a recognition event where top speakers from around the world gonna come to teach about leadership but LAN through P finance personal development and charitable causes now this event is not gonna happen until October I’m gonna worry about we can’t travel right now cuz coronavirus we don’t know what this events gonna be held just yet see FYI and when you reach level 6 nothing is gonna require you to give 12 and a half percent back to the community in the ecosystem see here’s the deal at every level you’re contributing but level six you’re contributing the most I’m gonna share that in a second so how does up to give strive to be compliant you see we do not touch the big coin of any user enough to give giving us peer-to-peer wallet – wallet we only ask for a contribution of $32 a month in Bitcoin so you can operate as a company number to up to give us a major contributor and collective causes and number three up to give us a giving model that even for nonprofit identities such as churches its presented as a revolution of offerings in the ministry and while they give each other the more they receive so what do you receive for $32 a month an entire ecosystem that will allow you to share your story to the world who are up to give comm blog access to our global education community at the up to given academy access to the unbanked with our partner ooh la la access to the giving box which allows you to be part of our community blog and social revolution stories that are inspired by our members philanthropical and culture driven movement rewards are giving back to the community and their causes which allows up to give to partner with you and create stories of our own when you start reaching level four and above so how does the contributing actually work let’s talk about the giving box remember John John read more my Maria’s story and decided to join her cause pages 32 dollars he creates his own cause and he contributes point zero zero five to the up to give community now let’s assume bitcoin is at ten thousand dollars a coin but right now it’s actually half that last I looked it was forty nine hundred my PF five thousand right now or forty eight hundred so at this price point zero zero five is twenty five dollars but we’re gonna go with fifty bucks John’s gonna share his story with Jorge and Rita what happens John now is now going to receive point zero one Bitcoin he’s now receiving not only what he contributed but double what he contributed he’s going to receive that from up to sixteen different contributors and up to give this is considered John’s ground zero if John was to continue contributing and receiving he will then contribute the point zero 1 of a Bitcoin up to the people that up to give to users to continue paying it forward to this is done by system algorithm which will allow John to start receiving contributions from his level one community members let’s talk about the ground zero community structure everybody receives a contribution the entire ground zero global community of up to give will be structured in one community support line of giving one under the other to ensure that everyone receives some form of contribution for their cause so again to see how this works you get started you pay your $32 membership fee you create your cause and you contribute point zero zero five that contribution is going to go to eight individuals in the community all at once now you share this with two individuals who do the same thing the next person who joins after you is gonna fall underneath you in the global community line but not just the people you shared this with that goes for anybody in the company around the world it doesn’t matter who they are you’re probably not even gonna know them they’re gonna fall underneath you that is why timing and positioning is everything and we’re just getting started so you are here at the beginning so every time someone enters Ground Zero they are placed into this global community line and then make a contribution their Ground Zero contribution is then entered into a special algorithm in which it is divided into eight separate smaller contributions called fractional contributions that go towards eight community causes in the global line above them this means that every time someone contributes into ground zero a causes above them receive a small amount of that contributions for their cause in this way each person benefits eight others leveraging the awesome power of our worldwide community to help more people receive support for their causes all contributions will continue to be made in Bitcoin peer-to-peer as before now those who share their cause with two or more people who join up to give and participate by making a ground zero contribution will receive a total of up to sixteen fractional contributions from the global line and be qualified or moving into level one of the giving box yes there’s six levels outside of ground zero those of you who only share your cause with one person will receive up to for fractional contributions and those of you who don’t share it with anybody well guess what you’re still gonna receive at least two fractional contributions towards your cause even though you didn’t do anything now let’s talk about levels one through six each level works the same way as ground zero you’re gonna have a community line so once you qualify for level one anybody that qualified for level one in the entire company will fall below you in level one you are qualified to receive up to 16 contributions that will equal point zero to Bitcoin you’re gonna contribute half of that back point zero one you move into level two you receive up to eight contributions or total of point zero for Bitcoin you’re gonna contribute half of that back point zero to Bitcoin let’s say you’re on level three notice a pattern here the more you contribute the more you receive and the higher level you’re on more you’re contributing into even higher than at the ground zero a level three you have the potential to earn up to sixth 0.16 Bitcoin now a Bitcoin is worth ten thousand dollars a coin point one six is sixteen hundred US dollars you’re gonna contribute point zero five back in the system now to be qualified to receive all contributions you must have two personals qualified on each level with you so once you have two personals qualified you can move up to the next level so on and so on but how many people does this actually take this is what really blew me away you’ve got the global line that is gonna work for you but if you just share this with two we share it with two you share it with two you share it with 2 so 2 4 8 16 that’s a total of 30 individuals in your personal network 30 individuals 0.16 Bitcoin on a monthly basis to your contribution that can be to $1600 a month let’s look at level 4 now before you can qualify to receive point 8 Bitcoin that’s almost one whole Bitcoin if bitcoins at $10,000 that’s $8,000 you’re gonna contribute – five back to the system to move up to level five which leaves you with fifty five hundred US dollars I don’t know about you guys but in the United States you know that’s a full-time income for most people $5,500 a month and contributions how many people would you need in your network 62 not you went out personally and got 62 which you could I went out of got 70 in my first week but it’s not about how many you are getting this is not one of those things it’s about just two and showing them how to share with two and showing them how to share with two and duplicating that’s it ^ – level 5 you’re not qualified to receive up to 8 Bitcoin 8 if bitcoins at $10,000 a coin that’s $80,000 on a monthly basis you’re gonna contribute one whole Bitcoin back why because now you can move up to level 6 which qualifies you to receive up to 64 Bitcoin now people say is this one of those things with the people at the top make all the money and the people at the bottom do all the work and pay all the money and they lose everything first and foremost what industry is there with the people at the top aren’t making all the money they work the hardest to get there in the first place of course they make the most money the difference here is that these individuals are also contributing the most ground zero contributes around 50 US dollars level 6 they’re contributing around $50,000 on a monthly basis that is impressive to me and you want to know what the total number is here in your own personal Network your total number is 254 in your personal network how can 254 people equal 64 Bitcoin on a monthly basis where is the rest of that coming from right here the global community line the total number of this needs to be at 8190 you’re only responsible for 254 you see the power of the community now there was a couple of questions I asked when I saw this for the first time and I asked how long is something like this last because you know people think they’ve seen something like this before and it lasts maybe six months to a year well we do something that’s very unique that’s why it’s called let’s be different at the end of every calendar month which for us is the 15th of each month the system resets itself and everybody regardless of your level is going to go back to Ground Zero and go through the levels of contributions again so if you’re on level 4 the system resets you go back to level Z ground zero and you will have at each level 48 hours to contribute to it and you’re gonna go right back to wherever you left off so you don’t necessarily start all over because you keep the same organization you had before now when I saw that I really couldn’t sleep at night because now this could go on indefinitely I love that concept now at this point we thank you for taking a look at our presentation and we wanted and welcome you to the movement so get back to the person who invited you and you’ve got two choices to make now the first to say you know I love this idea I love the idea of giving to charities in philanthropy I know I there’s value in the education and I’ve got some causes that I would love to have people help me with this well we welcome your board we’ll get you started the second type of person says you know this really isn’t for me and I understand this is not for everybody not for everybody but at least do yourself a favor two things I’m gonna ask you to do the first thing is your back to the person who invited you and contribute to their cause be a blessing for them the second thing I’m gonna ask you to do is to do something do something because we’re living in very dangerous times right now the odds were already stacked against us in the best of times because if society is working normally 97% of all Americans will still retire broke dependent on family government and friends by the age of 65 97% of them are gonna go to work early in the morning rush off to rush-hour traffic to a job they don’t like to work with people they can’t stand to eat lunch at 12:00 when they’re hungry at 11:00 to do that for 40 years if they’re lucky not to get laid off to have less than $1,000 in their savings account living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford a $400 emergency if it were to happen to them today and but then you add what’s going on right now coronavirus global economy is about to go into a recession they’re about to quarantine everybody in their homes you can’t go to work you can’t go to school how are you going to make an income so if you decide not this please do something it’s just in my opinion this is the most simplistic thing to be involved in because the risk is less than eighty two dollars and the reward if you put your head down and go to work as a full-time income were you heavy hitters and big boys and girls out there I want to leave you with this your own personal network of 254 people but where can you show me any opportunity out there that tells you that you can be receiving more than half a million dollars a month with less than 10,000 people in the network I haven’t seen it until now so that is the presentation tonight I will be

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