Dream Mode

welcome everybody to a special I think this is the very first time ever I’m doing a Facebook live in our up to give community groups the reason why I am doing this is because I really do not believe enough people have a full clarity and understanding on what they have in front of them right now because if they did a lot more will be taking place and a lot less complaining also would be taking place because you’d have your eye on the big picture the big goal now that music that I was playing at the beginning of this always puts me in dream mode I got started in the direct selling industry in 1998 I was a senior at Morehouse College and my very first convention I don’t remember if it was in Long Beach Cleveland or Atlanta that I went to for ACN but if you know how they put on events back then and I still believe till this day they put together the best training and leadership training system for its reps in the industry period next to Amway you look at all the top leaders of most companies right now especially if they’re african-american they all came from there and what what they used to do is before they let you in the room everybody is in the hallways of the hotel nobody goes into the big room yet and when they finally open the doors and everybody is standing in anticipation outside the lights are dim the strobe lights are going and that song is playing Alegria which means happiness and like Pavlov’s dog every time I hear that it puts my body in my mind in dream mode it puts me in anticipation of hope of happiness of excitement something greats about to happen so that’s why those of you listen to my crypto talks I’ve switched so that’s on being my my intro song because it gets my mind already wrapped into that mindset now as a disclaimer and I got it I’m gonna be very very heavy on the disclaimers of what I’m about to show as a disclaimer I am NOT a licensed financial advisor to be giving financial advice I am NOT the CEO of up to give I am not co-owner of up to give I am NOT on corporate staff of up to give these numbers and everything that I show there is no guarantee to anything that I say up to give is not guaranteeing anything the numbers that I show are all speculative we’re in dream mode before you go to work you got to go you got to know where it is that you want to go where do you want to be how to attain these numbers is going to be based on your effort is it possible yes it’s even probable but not for everybody this talk is also not for everybody because I’m gonna be speaking from a certain perspective here of somebody that’s been in the industry for a very long time with a certain goal that goal is what Jim Rohn said building a financial wall around your house your family so high that nothing can penetrate so no this this this call is not about philanthropy and charity we’ll have plenty of those this call that I’m doing right now with this focus is on how to accumulate the most amount of resources that you possibly can that will allow you to move on to the next stage and it’s a stage that most companies do not teach they do not teach you what to do with the resources that you’ve received that’s why you may have a lot of people out there that are seven figure earners and broke they made the money and don’t know what to do with this now that’s not what up to give this all about as far as right now you know teaching that that soft skills there’s gonna be other things that oh I can’t say yet let’s just say we’ve got some stuff coming but my set my mentors privately taught me this stuff what to do with the money I’ve made money I’ve lost money I’ve made it again I’ve lost it again alright in this stage of my career there is no more of the losing it’s about accumulating and then flipping when I retired from the network marketing space and I enter the Crypt fill spaces because I wanted to be in a number four quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki the investor quadrant allow my money to work for me but you need to have the money first you need to have the resources and at that time I did not I had 30 dollars extra after my bills were paid I had 30 bucks my education taught me what to do with that $30 and I flipped it into six figures plus everything that I have right now to that point started with 30 dollars so my focus what this is showing you the numbers of what up to give can provide and taking advantage of the cryptocurrency industry where you could be in the next two to three years based on just what you do over the next 90 days okay so I want to be very clear with that you guys could take notes on this based on the next ninety days of work you do can dictate where you possibly could be in the next three to five years so I’m gonna start off with something that everybody can understand and I’m doing with dr. Alberto Love I’m pulling out the calculator the average American and I don’t know these stats in other countries if you’re from another country you know these stats some countries the average household makes 250 to 500 dollars a month some it’s maybe a thousand to two thousand dollars a month and the United States the average American household family of four earns about thirty three thousand dollars a year that’s most Americans that’s basically poor just don’t realize that they’re poor in the state of California you need to earn more than $200,000 a year just to be considered happy and middle-class most jobs don’t pay enough money to be middle-class you need to have two incomes at least of doing more than $20 an hour no matter what state you live in where you can count out California in New York maybe even the state of Washington in the state of Washington only 15 percent of all jobs available pay more than $40 an hour so it doesn’t matter if you have the education it doesn’t matter if you did everything right that’s not your fault that’s just what’s available the average American is living paycheck to paycheck the average American cannot afford a $400 emergency if it were to happen to them today but let’s just assume that you’re not the average American and you make $75,000 a year and you don’t have to pay any taxes on that which means that’s your net you get to keep $75,000 most Americans don’t make that not even with two income it with two incomes maybe fifty fifty five sixty thousand a year 75 thousand a year you work for the next 25 years of your life now we’re assuming you’re not gonna get laid off we’re assuming you’re not gonna get furloughed you’re not gonna get fired the company’s not going to go out of business and you can stay with the same company you don’t lose your 401 K your savings coronavirus doesn’t act up you know job market doesn’t collapse we’re assuming everything is perfect and you’re guaranteed 75 thousand a year for the next 25 years that equals one point eight seven five million dollars so every dime you spend on that for the next 25 years of your life is going to be coming out of this one point eight seven five million when you go to the grocery store when you’re paying your cell phone bill your utilities your rent or your mortgage when you’re paying for your children their education when you’re paying for your car maybe their car helping them get on their feet paying for your your parents medical costs traveling vacations and whatever to live on once you retire for the rest of your life because you can’t guarantee that there’s going to be Social Security or your 401 K or your pension all spending is one point eight seven five million you’d be surprised how many people have never looked at their life like this whatever whatever source of income you have coming in right now you do the math at that up times twenty five years that’s what you’re looking at for the next twenty five years when people say why do I need a home-based business why do I need another source of income this is why because that is not going to be enough you’re not going to build a financial wall around your family so high nothing can penetrate it off of one point eight seven five million over the next twenty five years you’re always going to be dependent on something in effect the federal government statistics not mine the federal government states that ninety seven percent of all Americans will retire broke dependent on family government and Friends by the age of sixty five ninety seven percent I’m not making it up and that statistic was given to me in 1999 I wonder what that is like today so now that you know where we are what are we going to do about it this is where I have four rules that I live by in the crypto on blockchain space rule number one education is key education is everything rule number two never invest money you cannot afford to lose rule number three always get a return on your vestment has bet back as fast as possible at rule number four where do you see yourself in three months six months a year three years ten years from now what are you willing to do to make that happen now pay attention to this next thing I know you guys might have hear me say this every day for the last three years and not got this part find a vehicle take action stay focused do not get distracted now following these rules is not going to guarantee you success but it will minimize your risk and that ladies and gentlemen is the most that you can ask for now a lot of you in this space don’t follow all those four rules that’s why you end up in financial trouble but I’m not faulting you for taking the risk we got to take risk in life there’s no such thing as security you got to make it your own so Jim Rohn talks about the philosophy of performance not the philosophy of welfare which is why I get hurt when people are calling me and they’re asking me a million and one questions on how come they didn’t get something for free that’s what you were looking at you are presented with this opportunity and your focus is how can I get something for free without doing anything well I looked at this opportunity and said how am I gonna get my hands on 64 bit coin focus what are you focused on so now let’s look at and I want you to burn this number in your head because we’re gonna come back to that let’s look at what up to give is able to provide so I’m going to go back and I’m going to quote Calais Taylor one more time if you do not have the resources to buy Bitcoin if you do not have the resources to mine it if you do not have the knowledge or resources to trade it then you must build a network to earn it so that’s what that my rule number for saying what is your V that’s what you’re using it for because you are building a network to earn it now in my position I get approached daily every day I got a I got a speed this up because I’ve forgotten there’s another call at the top of the hour so I’m gonna do my best here but I gotta end I got a hard line I got a in debt I’ll start preaching and forget don’t you know the purpose but in my position I am approached every single day with an opportunity some of you guys call me up all the time about other opportunities out there and there’s nothing wrong with that you should have multiple streams of income you should not be in a position where you’re only relying on one because there are things that happen that are outside of your control so I have no problem with that however I’m very focused on where I put my attention and my time because I have an ultimate goal to achieve as much resources and for me that’s in the cryptocurrency space for now as possible as fast as possible and there’s always a number – my ultimate goal my ultimate goal is is starting a ten million dollar investment firm I’m not going to talk about that here that’s my ultimate goal so now I work backwards how am I going to get there where what vehicle should I use to make that happen once you’ve learned soft skills which is what STi teaches what I will I learned in ACN from My Father you will have success in anything that you do have you ever seen like leaders out there that no matter what company they join they have success in it and the uneducated person says it’s because they have a following and that following follows them everywhere they go how do they get that following in the first place once you learn a certain skill set you will have success in any business that you do then you can start looking at things a little differently you can start deciding on a business based on your passion based on something that’s meaningful based on something that’s gonna make a difference that you can be excited about not based off a necessity you can pick and choose that’s what I do I’m not recruitable that’s not I’m not saying that to be bragging about that I say that in all humbleness if I can’t be passionate about it I’m not going to touch it but I also have another criteria if I can’t make six figures in a month in it I’m not going to touch it so this is where you choose the vehicle and every vehicle has a number now this is where I implement holton bug strategy which is called time compression if you look at a company like my you say oh there’s somebody there that’s making a million dollars a month but it took them 22 years to get to that point how can I get to that same point but compress the time what takes somebody in a year to do what can I do that in 30 days because they’re putting an amount of work which means whatever work they did in a year I’m gonna do in 30 days but the work still needs to be done there is no short cut year ladies and gentlemen I am NOT a hype guy I’m not one of those gurus out there that says you know the grass is greener over here you don’t have to do any work no no the work still needs to be done it’s just how fast are you going to do it and will the vehicle allow it to happen at a much quicker pace so that then we’re not cutting corners here we’re just speeding it up so you can do it in a year you can do it in 30 days but you’ve still got to put in the work so I look at that like companies if I join another company and they say yeah I can get to my goal but it’s going to take 200,000 people in my network how long is gonna take me to get 200,000 people in my network three years five years but when I look it up to give and you understand to maximize the giving box is 64 Bitcoin before you contribute back that’s six hundred and forty thousand dollars a month with a network of less than 10,000 people let’s see I can I can go the route where is gonna take me 250,000 people or I can join the route that’s gonna take me less than 10,000 which one is more common sense to do and then I look at things another way I didn’t get excited when Mike boss called me up talking about 64th Bitcoin a month because I’m again I’m not a hype guy I look at things if you fail by 90% can I live with the 10% so if we fail at the 64 Bitcoin on a monthly basis can I live with maybe 3 Bitcoin a month 30 grand a month hmm or X is more like 60 grand a month 12 Bitcoin or Sol can I live with that yeah yes I can I’m sorry 6 Bitcoin a month can I live with 6 Bitcoin a month if we sell this by 90% if I do all the work cuz I know I can do the work I’m not asking for a handout I know I could put my head down you show me what to do I’m gonna do the work what’s that what’s the reward for me going to work the reward if you maximize it there’s 64 Bitcoin what if I sell it by 90% if I fell it by 90% the reward is 6 Bitcoin a month what is 6 Bitcoin a month well let’s look if we pull up the chart Bitcoin price right now 7800 dollars per coin 6 times 7800 that’s 46,000 dollars forty six thousand eight hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin forty-six thousand off those six Bitcoin now I’m going to put you in a little bit of dream mode then we’re gonna go back you just accumulated six Bitcoin Bitcoin goes back to its all-time high of 20 thousand dollars a coin now you just grew to $120,000 off those six Bitcoin all experts are are projecting that Bitcoin could go to a hundred thousand dollars a coin by the end of 2021 december 2021 now that six hundred thousand dollars off those six coins you didn’t sell the coins at six coins when you first got it you flipped it this is how I flipped thirty dollars into six figures and three and a half months okay now let’s go back to how do we accumulate the coins how do we accumulate how do we take advantage of what we have in front of us ground zero community structure you log into your back office right now your back office is telling you you can now pay the thirty two dollars there is a cost of doing business know it upfront it’s 32 dollars a month what is that over the course of an entire year you kidding me it’s three hundred and eighty four dollars for a year are you kidding me three hundred and eighty four dollars for the year let’s divide that by two a hundred and ninety two dollars budget yourself for six months a hundred and ninety two dollars can you afford to set aside a hundred and ninety two dollars for six months even if you don’t make a dime and I don’t want to hear Brandon thirty-two dollars might not be nothing for you but it’s something for somebody else I don’t want to hear that that’s broke mentality when the mind is right and what you know where you want to go for the cost is irrelevant you’re willing to pay the cost I don’t want to hear people can’t afford it when you want something bad enough you will pay the cost for it and go to work to get it so that doesn’t work with me ladies and gentlemen call somebody else about that a hundred and ninety two dollars why do I say if you don’t make a dime because you’ve got some people that just don’t take action sometimes it takes them maybe a month or two to wrap their head around something there’s no such thing as get-rich-quick I didn’t get to where I am overnight I’ve booked i failed my first 10 years and was broke but the amount of learning I did during that time is the reason why I’m here overnight success took me 20 years there’s no shortcut so be willing to pay the price a hundred and ninety two dollars for six months now I’m not adding the point zero zero five just yet but if you do this right you only come out of pocket once see what people call me up there to get my two free Bitcoin I mean my two free contribution did you do anything no that’s why well I was told I was gonna be always that’s what your focus is on go call somebody else I have no time for that I’m not being insensitive here I’m running a business and it’s not for everybody so no the cost one hundred and ninety two dollars for six months three hundred and eighty four for the year that’s the cost of doing business pay it don’t complain but when you pay it go to work you pay your cell phone bill just to tweet and play around on Facebook every single month your cell phone bill is more than that gotta be kidding me alright so that’s the cost everybody goes into the ground zero let’s look at the next slide here I’ll make this big so everyone can see this so everybody goes in the global community line and that’s not even going to be our focus today cuz I want to focus on what you need to do and what you’re sharing your organization you paid the $32 you create your cause and you do your point zero zero five contribution and share it with two people burn that in your mind that’s all you’re doing and you’re teaching people to do this thing I saw somebody made a post talking about if someone by miracle gets to people are you kidding me bye miracle gets to people just talk it here’s the numbers it doesn’t matter what company you’re in if you talk to a hundred people five to ten percent will sign up no matter what it is it’s just a numbers game you haven’t talked to enough people that’s part of the soft skills I will be doing Facebook lies and training on that stuff as well become attractive I don’t recruit anybody people like to buy they don’t like to be sold that’s not what I’m talking about today I’ll be another day we’ll go over we’ll do another one what will go over overcoming objections nobody can give me an objection that’s satisfactory and we’ll go over how to make yourself attractive but you guys already got this stuff and if you just go to the soft skill stuff of STI now to give you a head start I’ll take it to another level why am i opening myself up for this because I am passionate about what I am doing and I believe that this is the best opportunity out there out of everything that’s out there to get to our goals the fastest amount of time with the noble cause with the lowest amount of risk less than a hundred dollars then I can help the most amount of people because of the global community line and I still benefit that’s why normally I charge a lot of money for this so all you’re doing pay your thirty fifty dollars a month make sure you have your cause you got your point zero zero five contribution in you share it with two people you teach them to do the same thing okay let’s look at this level one up to sixteen contributions that you’re going to receive which is going to get you to a point zero to Bitcoin you to contribute that point zero one Bitcoin you’ve been contributing back half nobody as you’re going through these levels should ever have the thought I don’t think I should contribute to the next level if I’m not guaranteed to get contributions behind me if you have that mentality if you have that thought I’m telling you right now you will never hit level 6 you might by luck get to level 3 the moment the back-office is telling me that I’m able to contribute I’m contributing again this is mindset the glass half-full or half-empty I’m not telling you what to do like I say it’s a disclaimer I am just giving telling you what I’m going to do and on success leaves Clues I’m telling you what successful people do and how successful people think we pay the price first then we go to work then we get the reward most people want to guarantee on the reward first then they want to see what is the price that they have to pay and then they want to negotiate what that price is or complained that they have to pay it do you understand the difference alright level two you receive four hundred dollars and I’m we’re gonna we’re gonna work off of everything is off of 10th out a big coin is worth ten thousand dollars so four hundred dollars you’re gonna contribute back two hundred dollars level three sixteen hundred dollars you’re gonna contribute back five hundred dollars so if you contribute back five hundred dollars that leaves you with $1,100 let’s do the math on eleven hundred dollars that’s an extra 13,200 for the year in contribution whatever you’re making on your job or however you’re making money right now add an extra 13,200 will then make a difference in your life it will probably put you in a different tax bracket remember the average American doesn’t have it at $4,000 in their savings account you just added an extra four figures coming in every single month what did you have to do to get there all right let’s do the numbers I’m only right now focusing on what you and your team not the community powerline we are going to assume the community powerline will take care of the rest because those numbers still need to be met 8190 still needs to be met only this time is coming from the community and not just your matrix so keep that in mind I know I’ll also Brandon said I’m gonna make $400 a month if I just get like 60 people no you did your part you knocked out that step the community line will take care of the rest so I want to focus on what you are going to do so ground zero to those two get to four for the level one level two those two get to eight those two get to 16 that’s a grand total of 30 people in your personal network 30 people now I want to clarify something here when you go buy a car and you ask basic you know on the brochures it gives you basic information like zero to sixty and something something seconds what it doesn’t tell you is exactly how that’s possible the inner workings of the car how many you know nuts and bolts is in what else is needed how much oil is needed you don’t you don’t need to know all of that so when we do our presentations we are giving you some of the basic information but like a car the giving box has a lot work underneath the hood to make this all go so when I’m gonna do one example and I’ll share this here when you enroll when you need to move up to the levels when you’re beyond level two if you have no personals on that level you’ll still receive 25% of your contributions here’s the full qualification that you need to maximize that you need to have two personals on that level and one of your personals also has one personal on that level once you reach 75% of all contributions the system will allow you to move up even if you don’t have two personals all of those extra percentages is happening from the community line and not you only thing you control is your two personals there’s a lot more interworkings in there that a lot of this will happen by default if everybody focuses on to getting to when andreas did that presentation or he did with the recording on the whiteboard the other day if that’s all you focus on everything else happens automatically I got a brand new Chevrolet Traverse I bought with Bitcoin and I remember the guy I mean he was a techie he’s trying to explain all the into under workings and stuff oh my god you’re confusing me I don’t need to know all that just tell me what I need to do what buttons do I need to push like a look at gas mileage and all the stuff you know had more technology on it so when we do basic presentations we’re only talking about the basic stuff in your back office in the resource section there will be a document file that will give details on every single thing I don’t need to know all that all I need to know is what I need to do and I’m telling you right now what you need to do to getting to 30 people in your network $1,100 a month after you contribute your point zero five $1,100 what could that do to your calls or anything you got going on in your life but I want to take it one step further because I want to put us in dream mode and I’m starting to run out of really running out of time dang it should have scheduled this for later you might have to do this again level four level four let’s just add another two so two plus four plus eight plus sixteen two plus four plus eight plus 16 plus 32 that’s a total of 62 in your network 62 in your network oh I forgot to get I didn’t download that cycle eh yeah I know clay we got that call in 20 minutes I’ll be done before then I’ll speed it up I’ll make sure we get the most important stuff here so 62 individuals in your network of to sharing it with to sharing with to again and I’m gonna say this one time I don’t want to hear anybody calling me complaining about getting to or that one of their personals needs to have one personal as well since I’m saying this publicly right now that is what it is it is what it is we make it happen so you’ve got 62 people in your network what is the reward 0.8 that’s $8,000 now let’s subtract 2500 because you’re gonna contribute that as well subtract that from 8,000 and now you’ve got ten thousand five hundred ten thousand five hundred I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m trying to read the chat box and do this at the same time 2500 – hey that’s $5,500 so you got 5500 okay after you’ve paid the 0.25 to move up to level 5 I think this is probably because people are people and they’re gonna be like dang I got to contribute $2,500 you’ve got the wrong mindset you just made 8,000 and I’m showing trying to get you to make 80,000 but anyways after you contribute the point to 2,500 you’re still left with 5,500 that is a full-time income multiply that times 12 that’s 66 thousand dollars a year remember what I don’t gave you the numbers off of 75 thousand a year which most Americans are not making sixty two people in your personal network 66 thousand dollars a year there’s companies out there that they have a model there’s that and they have the numbers broken down I’m not gonna give out any names but the model was successful the first one to do it now well they said you get five hundred people in your net or ten people personal you’re gonna make 500 a month if you get like a thousand in your network you’re gonna make a guarantee maybe four thousand a month or sixty thousand a year however same thing here sixty two people in your network following the plan level four after you contribute to get to level five sixty six thousand dollars a year do I have your attention sixty-six thousand dollars a year in contributions gotta clarify that what could you do with that C as a leader here’s my goal how many people can we have maxed out level four because I know that at that level you’re changing lives and that’s in American dollars what do you think that’s gonna do for people in other countries whether average monthly income is two hundred and fifty to five hundred dollars a month sixty-six thousand dollars a year that’s just level four I’m not going to go over level five and six right now because I’m running out of time and I gotta show you something that’s gonna even make you lose more sleep let’s say you do pull that fifty five hundred dollars you take half of it mm I’ll to say twenty five hundred not to dozens if not twenty-five hundred dollars that you’re now going to set aside to build your portfolio and let’s say you do this over the course of three months 90 days 2500 times three that’s seven thousand five hundred dollars now let me show you what we were never taught in network marketing once we made the money this is how I flipped thirty dollars in the six figures and beyond you take that seventy five hundred dollars and I’m not even talking about Bitcoin and I need to stress this right now because I don’t want anybody going crazy I’m only only using this as an example not as a suggestion of what you should do because you can do this with any other coins I am only using this as an example up to give no myself is saying you need to go and do this are we clear this is not a presentation I’m not selling anything I’m playing with numbers we’re in dream mode so you take that $7,500 let’s just say ripple for example ripples work 25 21 cents right now oops 7500 / 21 cents that gives you 30 5714 ripple coins at today’s price that’s $7,500 wondering tickets are $7,500 from you built yourself a networking up to give and that’s and you took part of portions of what you received you set aside for three months $7,500 ripples all-time high with three dollars and forty cents let’s just say this gets back to ripples all-time high Bitcoin was that twenty thousand dollars when ripple did this your 7500 just turned into a hundred and twenty one thousand dollars is it gonna stop right there and again this is all speculation this is not a guarantee I’ve just been in this industry for a while now I kind of know the numbers all experts are predicting or projecting Bitcoin to go to a hundred thousand dollars by December 2021 that is speculation it may not happen until December 2025 so again no guarantee here and I have to say it repeatedly because there’s always one person that here’s what they want to hear and this one is being recorded for Bitcoin to go to a hundred thousand dollars a coin the entire market cap will ride with it because Bitcoin right now represents 64 percent of the market cap which means the rest is by the other all coins say ripple goes to ten dollars per coin thirty five thousand seven hundred and fourteen coins times ten dollars per coin now it just went up to three hundred and fifty seven thousand yeah and I’m only talking about so I mean I mean can I say that you know I can I’m not gonna do that I’m just saying I’m looking at stuff that’s already took take place alright what if ripple goes to $100 per coin 35 7 14 times 100 dollars per coin that’s 3.5 million now let’s go back to that remember if you’re working a job and you’re making $75,000 a year for 25 years you’re now left with one point eight seven five million to spin over the next 25 years but you put your head down and go to work for 90 days you raise it based on your network growth an extra 75 hundred dollars and you learn how to flip it like I just showed you and within the next year and a half three point five seven 1 million that’s double what you would have got on your job making seventy five thousand a year starting with seventy five hundred bucks you guys see will see the big picture here let me put into terms that you still would understand even more of Bitcoin remember I said the 90 percent factor when Jerry and Mike called me up talking about that they’re maxing it out at 64 Bitcoin and I say okay if you’re 90 percent of wrong that’s six Bitcoin a month and let’s just say I did that for two months you end up with 12 Bitcoin 12 Bitcoin selling this plan by 90% twelve Bitcoin on today’s price is worth seven multiply it’s worth ninety four thousand five hundred and seventy two dollars twelve Bitcoin yeah then I’m gonna use half of that six Bitcoin you keep six cuz you got to spin it you want to get a profit remember what was your what was your initial start off 82 bucks and you would put your head down and went to work let’s take six Bitcoin six times 78-81 it’s $47,000 with the Bitcoin what a Bitcoin reaches its all-time high again twenty thousand the coin that’s now up to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars $120,000 let’s say those Bitcoin reached what experts are saying $100,000 a coin that’s $600,000 how long will it take you to make that doing whatever it is you’re doing right now see sometimes you got to see the big picture and it makes the little stuff irrelevant that you’re focusing on this is a big picture it gets even more crazy I mean just level five not you max level five that’s $80,000 you’re giving back one whole Bitcoin if bitcoins that $10,000 the coin to $70,000 mom give you guys another example Wall Street investors of the agents are advising their clientele that if they have a portfolio of ten million dollars to put 1% of it into Bitcoin or crypto that’s $100,000 they say if this fails all you did was lose a 1% one hundred thousand if this works we project within the next five to ten years that hundred thousand will be work between 15 million and 25 million which is more than your 10 million dollar portfolio right now that is what they’re telling their million dollar clients so you know what I say I’m gonna do the exact same thing and make sure I have a hundred thousand but I’m only doing much bigger because I’m using up to give not just to get a hundred Bitcoin but what if I have a hundred thousand dollars that I’m going to invest in multiple altcoins at the same time and as a disclaimer not to give is not telling you to do this up to give is not telling you what to do with whatever you receive that goes to your cause how you decide to disperse it is complete in your control what I’m telling is I was never taught what to do prop properly afterwards or I would still be a multimillionaire right now you guys understand and Arlene you’re correct he has a founder you can pay the $32 in your back office right now if you pay it before somebody else does that doesn’t mean you’re gonna move up before them the time stamp is a time stamp on day one you just got to make sure you pay that $32 so that you’re in there inactive somebody that’s a founder that does not pay the 32 and they wait to after 48 hours and then they pay that they don’t keep the same spot they have they get skipped they feel good they still go on to the global community line they just lose the spot that they had when they first got started all right my time is up the call that’s taking place that we’re about to hop on is for level four members and above you want to get to level four as fast as possible so that you can be a part of that private group why that group you maximize that group and you are now receiving a full-time income in the United States what was that number again sixty six thousand a year did I have that right and go back and look Donna had it right yeah sixty-six thousand dollars a year you maximize level four and have contributed to go to level five what is the number of people sixty-two on your network how do I get that to sharing it with to sharing it with two and so forth that’s it I just gave you the blueprint that can change your life now it is up to you to go out and make it happen I’m sorry I have to cut this short that was a lot more I wanted to show in dream mode but I ran out of time do not and I repeat do not publicly share this on so

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