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Good evening ladies and gentlemen I´m really excited about the information I’m going to share with you today every once in a while in life you will come across something that is that is perfect for you this concept and information I’m going to share with you is perfect for me in fact I’ve been sharing this information since 2015 and this information ladies and gentlemen this knowledge has empowered people around the world to raise billions of dollars in funding it’s absolutely real it’s legal is happening right now we’re gonna provide you with all the facts in the details so you can also facilitate this in your own life so I’d like to start with this question what if it were possible to get funding to accomplish your financial goals without loans without grants without a second job ladies and gentlemen without any repayment required ever would you want to know about it well that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you over the next 15 to 20 minutes we’re gonna make sure you have a thorough understanding of exactly how this works and exactly what you need to do in order to get involved so with that let’s get started I like to welcome each and every one of you to crowdfunding guaranteed so you may say mark what is the guarantee the guarantee is that 100% of the money that comes in this community goes right back out into the community we’re gonna show you how a one-time twenty nine dollars out of your pocket can literally provide unlimited funding for you personally for your business for your project for your nonprofit for your charity ladies and gentlemen it’s important to see the big picture we want to show you exactly what it takes to participate here we want you to know exactly what your destination is going to be and we want you to know exactly how this works first of all this is a legal registered cooperative in the state of Minnesota and so maybe you’ve never heard about a co-op before ladies and gentlemen that’s simply a group of people who come together for a common purpose so coops have been legal in the United States almost since the inception of the country so hundreds of years ladies and gentlemen this is a co-op is a legal entity so let’s talk about this for a minute years ago before mortgages existed people literally came together and they helped each other build homes but it’s important to understand how it worked as a community you would lend your time in the community to help build someone else’s house maybe a few weeks and in return the entire community would come over and help you go to your house and so you’ve got a house built but you didn’t have to pay for any labor isn’t that isn’t an interesting and so you did a little but you received a lot that’s because the community worked together to empower one another well ladies and gentlemen in our cooperative we don’t build houses for each other but we help each other get the funding we need to pay for a house depend your mortgage off to send your kids to college to start a non-profit to start a business whatever for any legitimate purpose ladies and tell me you can raise raise money here and the key here is that everybody participates everyone does their part and if you’re willing to do that ladies and gentlemen you can absolutely raise all the money that you need for your causes so now the concept of cooperative economics has been around for many years not only in the United States but around the world and it is a way Nancy someone raising their hands not sure why but it is a way that communities have come together to encounter one another when they could not depend on outside sources they literally helped each other and this concept has many names around the world and that an American is called tandas in Mexico is called conveners and West African and Caribbean is called Sioux Sioux and nature is called way and in India and in Pakistan is called the ko and so because this is global ladies and gentlemen

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This co-op has created videos in many different languages over 29 languages ladies and gentlemen so you absolutely want to reach out across the water into other cultures you want to connect with them because that can do something really amazing for your project as well so on this next picture we have some really cute children and if you look very carefully what do you see well you will notice that these are twins there are actually two sets of twins in two separate families can you imagine raising two sets of twins well the reason I show you this is to make you and to help you to understand how it works in our cooperative everybody brings two and everybody helps those two to do the same so how do you help them you make you just want to make sure that they understand how it works yes they absolutely need to bring two that’s what the cooperative is about let me explain it to you in a cooperative we are rewarded according to our success in growing their community we want to grow the community we want to help as many people as possible it’s that that group working together that creates the success that we have and so their job here is to get the message out so let me ask you who will be your – well of course it can be just close friends it could be siblings ladies and gentlemen couples or partners nurses are nieces and nephews stay-at-home moms it can be unemployed friends self-employed friends network marketers these are people aids in demo you can literally pick up the phone and talk to our text you don’t even even need any special skills in order to reach out to these people because here’s the thing everybody needs a little extra funding you know everybody has something else that they want to do and of course we need to have money in order to survive so this is a topic of conversation that people want when they hear about an our job is simply to get the message out to them okay so let’s explain exactly how the funding works in our cooperative so if you’re looking on the screen you can see a success target with you in the center then you have six spots around this success talk you have an inner circle and an outer circle so your job in my job is to get the message out to grow the co-operative let people know that there’s a better way for them to get the funding to accomplish their goals it’s not a grants not alone and it’s absolutely no repayment required ever to participate in our community so you go out you get the message and you refer to people they fall in your inner circle so let’s talk about this because this is a community effort you receive eff help from the person who referred you of course you’re going to help yourself and you also receive support from these two individuals that you see in your inner circle right here so it’s literally a group effort us work together to empower each other economically so you enroll number one and then number two and then you help and teach them to do the same now as a civic contributor you receive a contribution of twelve thousand fifty cents for each person regardless of whom ever enrolled them and so when people fall in your success target guess what you receive a donation so your next step after you have referred these two is to make sure they understand how a cooperative works everybody’s doing their part simply getting the message out and so you work with number one and they prefer their first to number three and number four this is what happens number three and number four donate to number one and number three number four also donate to you you work with number two and the same thing happens so you helped number one enroll their first two Jet’s if you have done and this creates two filled physicians on your success talk it’s out a ring and you receive a contribution of twelve fifty from each of them for total of fifty dollars so your funding has begun you are on your way ladies and gentlemen now your next step is to work with number two you just want to make sure they understand what we do and how to do it number two goes out to me first number five and six number five is six donates to number two and they also donate to you so anyone who falls in your success target whether they got their because if something responds it did because of something you did or something someone in your inner circle did they all donate to you now here’s the interesting thing to qualify to receive funding in our community moving forward everybody needs to refer to that causes our community to have exponential growth but here’s the thing you don’t need to stop at two you actually want to refer as many people as you possibly can because that will accelerate your funding even more all right so now in a traditional business they build from the top down but this is a cooperative ladies and gentlemen it’s all about innovation because there’s always a better way of doing things in a cooperative we build from the bottom up that means that everybody wins I do want to read this brief disclaimer the following examples of illustration purposes only and are not a guarantee of the contributions you will receive what a person receives is based on their individual work ethic and other factors beyond your control alright so we’ve got five donation levels then when you first start and you make that dollar donation that goes to the cooperative and the cooperative actually takes 25 a bit and issues what’s known as a patronage refund that $25 is actually split and divided among two members in our community the person who referred to him and the person who started before them and so as your success target fills you receive donations of 1250 each times six for a total of $75 and of course as we mentioned your success target can be filled by the efforts of the person who referred you by your efforts and by other people who will fall in your success target so now you’ve raised $75 in donations just that fast ladies and gentlemen what do you want to do you want to upgrade to the next funding level called the gold in order to do so you need to make a donation of $50 so I have a question for you where is this $50 going to come from there’s you come out of your pocket but does it come out of a surplus of donations that you have received that’s right it comes out of the surplus of donations you receive you never have to go back in your pocket ladies and gentlemen to participate in our community all you need is $29 one-time out-of-pocket and then simply go out and invite two people to join us it is really that simple and it’s really that easy and so now you’ve upgraded to the gold with fifty dollars of your surplus it’s gonna leave 25 dollars left what do you want to do with that in the beginning you want to take that $25 and you want to donate to two more people so you can re-enter at the Silver level and our system is automated this is automated crowdfunding ladies and gentlemen all this is done automatically when you once you register you’re gonna click on the automatic upgrade button and it’s going to allow all this to happen for you automatically all right so now you’re now qualified to receive 1200 and $donations and 20 five dollar donations as your community grows because just like you upgraded the people that you refer they’re gonna upgrade also why because they want to increase the amount of their funding and everyone that you personally refer they follow you through the system and that’s done through automation so now at this level you’re receiving six donations of twenty five dollars for a total of a hundred and fifty dollars so what do you want to do you want to upgrade to the Emerald level which is a hundred dollars again what is 100 dollars come from it comes out of the donations that you received you never have to go back in your pocket again the fifteen dollars that’s leftover will automatically be donated back into the community to allow you to continue to receive these $50 donations with a brand-new success target so from here you want to upgrade to the dummy level out of which you received that’s two hundred dollars you still have a hundred dollars left to allow you to re-enter in the Emerald so now you always qualified to receive four different donation levels twelve fifty $25 $50 and $100 all at the same time as the community grows ladies and gentlemen and lastly you want to upgrade to the crown which also comes out of what you received and you have enough left in order to re-enter in the diamond and now you’ve got five different donation levels operating at the same time providing funding for you so let’s look at the totals all total you’ve donated seven hundred and fifty dollars out of your surplus and you’ve received over twenty three hundred dollars when you do the math that leaves you a surplus of fifteen hundred dollars for your project but here’s the amazing thing I’ll program is automated as the community grows it causes you to re-enter and you can literally reenter each one of these levels multiple times in a week and in a month that means your funding potential is much greater than fifteen hundred and so what is your goal your goal ladies and gentlemen is to get the crown as soon as you can how’s that going to happen by you sharing the message and the community of doing the same and the reason you want to do that is because you only have to upgrade to each level one time once you’ve completed all the upgrades ladies and gentlemen you don’t have to upgrade anymore that means the bulk of the funding is yours for your project and so that’s our goal and anytime you can withdraw money you can withdraw funds ladies and gentlemen by paypal and then go right into your bank account you can also use Google pay if you never use it before you absolutely want to use it it is it is fast direct them to your bank account and there are no fees so all you need is a gmail account in order to open up a Google pay wallet it’s absolutely free you can download the app on your phone it’s very easy to do if you don’t know how to do it just check with the person who invited you there walk you through the process so now you’re qualified to receive unlimited funding ladies and gentlemen and it’s all about cash flow because the more cash flow you have the better quality life you can have the more able you are to accomplish your goals and to take care of them some things and this is funding as I mentioned that you can use for personal business or charitable causes unlimited amounts you’re able to raise here all right now for those of you who are internet savvy and would like to work on the Internet we have something we call the 30 day six-figure challenge and so I’ve been very successful in this platform and so what we want to do here is lay out a road of roadway for you to just run down and order for you to have the potential to create these six figures in donations so how does it work for example you are simply going to follow follow some simple tasks that we’re going to give you in a daily basis such as a Facebook post an email or a text message and then you’re also going to follow up on different days right and so here it is if you can just copy and paste ladies and gentlemen that’s all you need to do to participate here if you don’t know how to do it simply check with your niece and nephew your grandson they’ll be happy happy to show you and you just log in to the Facebook group your copy and paste this you put your details in there and your link etc and you just send it out if you can do that ladies and gentlemen here’s the facts you will absolutely build a strong community it’s all about being consistent and building the right habits this can all be done in less than one hour a day it’s really that simple and your goal is to stay focused ladies I mean can you stay focused for at least 30 days if you can stay focused for 30 days you change your life if you can save focus for 60 days you can have a dramatic effect on your life you can stay focused for 90 days ladies and gentlemen you can change your zip code all right so to find this challenge you can log in to our Facebook group it’s called crowdfunding guaranteed success team and all the challenges are posted there all right well guess what ladies and gentlemen we have completed the overview we get right to the point as you can see it’s not complicated at all it’s extremely powerful and it absolutely can have a major impact on your finances so what do you want to do you want to get in contact with the person who invited you on the call don’t answer any questions that you may have they’ve literally walk you through the process of getting started so that you can lock in your spot and begin raising money for your projects right away in fact twenty nine dollars one time out of pocket you know on a normal basis you’ll spend that money and won’t even know what you did with it in this case this would be the best donation you have ever made because it’s gonna come back to you many times over and that’s what our community is all about so thank you so much for joining us ladies and gentlemen there will be another webinar tomorrow night by the admin team that’ll be at p.m.

the details for that webinar will be posted in our Facebook group crowdfunding guaranteed success team thank you so much for joining us everyone have a great evening goodbye for now

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