Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

you’re recording now I’m recording yes and why are you not unit we did it myself instead of you have to do it you’re muted don’t worry I got you okay so here we go take them away close your eyes feet flat on the floor and allow yourself to remember a time when you found a little one an infant or pet in your arms and see that infant or pet as you look at it and your feelings of the sweetness and say to this little when I love you three times now give that feeling a name if you have never done this before give that feeling in a minute the name should be neutral so it could be pink or red or heart love but this is the feeling when your heart chakra opens and every time you do this exercise you want to say that word so that in a little while when you say that word boom your heart opens and that’s very powerful it gives you a easy tool to access your highest outcome okay now what we’re going to do today is go through some really powerful tools on how to manifest your heart’s desire so the first thing I want you to do is I’m going to share my screen and everyone should be able to see this momentarily okay so here we are we’re going to manifest and when you get in your heart and you’ve been in your heart for a few moments then send a beam of love and light to your upper chakras so you throat chakra your third eye on your crown chakra and then all the way to your eighth chakra and then send that beam back down let it widen the channel and your chronic tube you and then open your eyes and I want you to look at the screen so we’re going to be pulling information from this lovely book that I wrote many years ago called Biagini and how to create a lot of success and Happiness so the first thing I want you to do is to get your pen and paper out and write 25 things that you want to do now I’m going to keep moving so you’ve got to keep writing and number them if you know one big thing that you really want to do I highly recommend you start that and then you can just take notes for what I’m saying I will post this so you will be able to look at it online later and the people are blurred because they’re not actors people I know so I didn’t want to give away their identity so start writing think it the most important thing now right at the top 25 things that I really really want because here’s what happens when you write 25 things that you really want you first start out with like the physical I need a new car I need a new roof on the house I need cash for the rent this month whatever it is but then as you progress down you get to 9 or 10 usually by the 11th one you’re now on the esoteric thing so the spiritual things I want better relationships with my family I want my son or daughter to do well in college I want to make sure everyone tells me like that and then you keep going and you get stuck again and then that last layer of being stuck is the spiritual thing so do this exercise on your own when you have time because it will make a difference whatever you write down has value whatever you write down is stronger in the reality than if you just thought it so you know manifestation is a is a commonly used thing that people are taught to think about what they want but what if you write it down and I’m not saying write down the steps to get there I want you to see the outcome and how are you gonna get there but just the outcome and the story was driven home to me many years ago when I wanted to manifest some extra cash and at the time I was the manager of an apartment building and they paid me $100 to repaint any apartment that was going to be empty and then a new tenant coming in so I knew where the money would come from and I kept saying that it would happen and I’d get one of those paint jobs and love a lot and I mostly focused on the money that I’d have the money to do this thing I needed to do and the money came in but it wasn’t through a paint job and that’s when I realized wait a minute you don’t have to know how you just have to know your outcome you don’t have to tell the taxi driver at LaGuardia how to get to the city you didn’t you just tell them where you want to go and they’ll pick one of those five bridges or tunnels to get you there okay so I felt by now you have a few things written down I want to play so pick one thing that you really want to do and one of you gets to volunteer so if you want to volunteer and play with me you will make a mistake we will laughs so um someone who has a good sense of humor and wants to manifest something raise your hand and Kim will pick someone so you can raise your hand by either going out here Debra Knight there we go we got it already you can do that by on the very bottom where the participants are here I’m gonna I’m mute you Debra or where you can put it in the chant if you’re having trouble okay you’re unmuted Debra hi so what’s the one thing you really want to manifest right now in front of everyone cash coming in a flow of cash okay now we’re gonna play and I’m going to show you how this is done so you’re ready to work on it yep okay so here we’re gonna go we’re gonna actually starting at the end so to speak so we’re gonna go through the five steps and you see and then I’m going to give you lots of tools and I’m going to show you why it works why this is such a powerful tool okay so the first thing is now that you have the cash yes so you have the cash it’s in your account yes okay you’re having a cup of tea with someone you’re having a conversation with someone on the phone who are you having the conversation with oh great question um I can totally see from my list but okay say the person’s name again cat-car totally do you know this person personally no conversation with somebody don’t know cuz that’s my imagination this real-time conversation with someone you know you’re gonna tell a story to someone you know it could be your best friend it could be your mom or your dad or you know my daughter okay what’s her name Courtney okay does she live at home or does she live on her own she lives on her own and do you talk to her on the phone do you see her how do you communicate um ace time a lot based on okay so you know having a FaceTime conversation with Courtney everything’s handled the flows there yeah what do you say to her I’ll be Courtney you be her hey mom what’s going on hey things are awesome Courtney I’m you know I have this flow of clients coming in that is just a really odd oh okay you’ve already solved it you’re not supposed to tell the universe how remember hey yes you said you wanted a flow of cash did you not yes but now you yes and I’m showing the universe how do you understand what you’re doing see ya win the lottery you could have someone write you a check you right here where it comes from so you’re going to stop that that’s what everybody does – remember I said you would make a mistake every one because now every one of you who are listening pay attention you don’t need to know how the money’s coming to you if you see that you need to have a steady flow of income that’s what you see you don’t see that you’ve got lots of clients you spend money coming in you could have an inherence come in you could have a you know some other benefit I know here in New York City if you’re if you’re a business owner you you can’t apply for a grant that’s gonna cover a bunch of obligations right lacy right now so so you are beyond that point everything’s better the situation inspected or whatever that means and you have plenty of cash coming in that’s what you asked for yes so you don’t have to tell us how what whatever I don’t know but you get my point yeah okay so let’s start over hey Bob how’s it going thanks for going awesome Courtney why well because I’m thinking that you know I really want to take us the three the three of us to back to Costa Rica again when do you want to go oh my god so you here I will help you in coach a little bit and say what’s really happening is you be Courtney and I’ll be you and your son Andy okay hi mom how are you doing I’m doing awesome everything is awesome why what’s been going on everything settled down and because everything’s smooth out I can do what I want and I can take care of things the way I wanted and I’m so much happier I’m so much more contest because I don’t have to worry about where my money’s coming from it’s all taken care of that’s awesome mom how’d that happen that’s all my daughter would say if it were your if your daughter actually said well how did that happen let’s say let’s go on look I’ll play with you some more okay okay so how bad how’d you do that mom well actually I didn’t do it I manifested it and I’m so amazing it was the most amazing story and I can’t wait to tell you when I see you in person I can’t wait to hear good I’ll see it I’ll see you when we get together next week awesome see how that goes you make conversation reinforce that thing you did Nate yes that’s really important now why does this work it works because 3d is where we’re at we can manifest more than one version of the reality we do it all the time when we go to the movies we have the suspended reality in front of us that we participate in we laugh at the jokes we jump when it’s scary then we have the reality we’re sitting in the movie theater so the mind has the capacity to understand more than one reality and since there really is no time what you’re really doing is creating a movie of the reality that is in existence when you have already achieved the outcome you were seeking correct oh you have this conversation now what’s interesting is if if your daughter is likely to say how did that happen your response is I manifested it and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I see you and then you leave it hanging so you still don’t know how but you know that you were responsible for changing your mindset for putting yourself on a different train truck you were uh no my god how am I gonna do this how am I gonna do this how am I gonna do this and instead pulling back and saying okay I have a contract with the universe I’m telling the universe where I want to go I want to go to the place where there’s a steady flow of money and I feel good I feel safe and I feel like I can do what I want you see yeah I did I love that thank you yeah okay um we’re gonna go on but we hopefully will have time to for someone else to play as well no that’s just tip number two step number three a little more information as you notice your feelings now we’re gonna go back and keep you on line Debbie and say okay let’s go to that place where I’m gonna be your daughter Courtney and you’re gonna be you again so we’re gonna roleplay and you’re gonna play out as you know now the script I normally when we’re in a classroom I make people work for it and then I say do you want it Oh your lifeline and and you know people in the audience tell you what’s really interesting is if you do this in a group and it’s very powerful if you’re gay if you have a bunch of friends and you play you go to lunch and you say okay let’s do this I learned there’s no cool trick blah blah blah and everybody else will know the answer and you’ll be stymied and the reason is because we have our own places of limitation we have our own belief systems that hold us back and a great example I was at a gym in a hotel and they had this really nice water cooler but then they stacked a bunch of papers on top of it and so instead of that five gallon jug on top it had all this junk and I remember thinking you know would be so nice if I could fill my water bottle and when I finished my workout somebody went up to the water cooler and filled their water bottle and I thought whoa how did they do that and I looked behind the machine and it was plumbed into a water pipe I couldn’t think of that because I was so used to seeing that device with a jug above it hmm so with this we’ve all freedom things based upon our experiences which is why everybody else in the room will know the answer because they can think bigger than you because when you’re working on something you really want you’ve kind of narrowed your field and you’ve narrowed your thinking everybody does it okay so now you’re going to roleplay you’re gonna do the whole thing when you get to that point okay and this is really powerful hey mom what’s going on Oh Courtney I’m just so thrilled these days oh you know just things are manifesting left and right and I just I just you know if the first time in my life I feel safe I feel secure and this sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before magic the universe just hands me things left and right but own it I manifested it I manifested this Courtney Wow can you teach me how to do that absolutely awesome I won an award absolutely next time I see you will will will play awesome no notice you’re feeling notice that when Courtney said to you how did you do that you didn’t want to own it yeah so now take a moment and in your mind’s eye here Courtney say to you mom I knew you could do that yes no yeah what’s that now notice how you feel yeah difference right powerful okay yeah very powerful all right and then the joy follows so now your movie of the mind is you having a real time conversation with Courtney and it’s just as real as any movie they play the mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined reality and an outcome and and a real one and when you add the conversation it anchors it back into 3d the difference between trying to manifest by using your mind and manifesting using the genie system is that my system tells you to have a real time conversation with someone who you would have a kind of conversation just kind of conversation with feeling their reaction hearing their reaction produces endorphins in you it produces mmm that feeling yeah yeah all right no we’re going to get all kinds of tools so I’m going to show you why this works the very shortcuts that I can tell you is that if you think about the dimensions third dimension fourth dimension fifth dimension those of you who have been following my work and you understand how I’m teaching these dimensions their dimensions where we’re at and where we’re sliding up to fifth fifth is when you give a 5 D response and you know you’re in a place of joy and I’ll give you an example last week my son was trying to move from one place to another and he had hired movers to help him he also had family members coming to help him and they wanted to start at 6:00 a.m. do the first load off load and then do the second load at 4:00 p.m. so my son scheduled all this lined everything up and I said HM you know the astrology says it’s gonna be tough to make everything come together so it’s the mover so Joe don’t get worked up about it and he said ok so showed up at 6 a.m. nobody shows except for his family members they get everything done at 7 o’clock the guy calls and says oh my gosh we’re so sorry we should have been there an hour ago and we’re just pulling it together and my son said well you know we’re gonna be done in a half an hour so you know maybe you shouldn’t come and they said no no we’re coming they show up they’ve just as they close down the truck and they’re ready to leave for the first load the guys are so apologetic and here’s what my son said which was a 5d response he said I’m just so happy that nobody’s sick it wasn’t a car accident and it was just a simple thing like oversleeping don’t worry about it I seen war okay that’s a fighty when you get that kind of response to somebody who let you down when you get the bigger picture that we’re all in this together okay now third dimension is where we spend a lot of our time because we’re always in polarity this is good this is not good so when you have this conversation it anchors it in your mind that it’s real that conversation is pivotal fourth dimension is you sliding into that space of emotion and fifth dimension is to join that you will feel once you do this so now I’m going to show you why is work okay now we’re going to shift over a little bit into mathematics but before I do I wanted to tell you one other story and this is a true story when I was working in fundraising I got this magazine called Journal of philanthropy and there was a real story of a man won the lottery and in his journal he wrote every day who he was going to donate to and he did this every day so when he won the lottery it was normally as normal because he was expecting it so this is another way to think about it if you already have that thing you’ve been seeking how are you how are you acting not when I get it I’m gonna do this know know that I have it okay now that I have all these people to help how am I gonna be I’m gonna be busy you know that’s another way oh I’m so busy I’m so happy but I’m so busy like that okay now here we go this is a little bit of math stay with me everybody follows me and this says if I end up learning stuff this way in high school I would have gotten straight A’s in algebra or geometry so there’s two kinds of numbers rational and irrational we don’t even say there’s two kinds of people male and female okay so it’s two kinds of numbers radical numbers are considered any whole number five 14 28 whatever number you think of or any fraction that reduces like 1/2 reduces to 0.5 right 1/4 is 0.25 the diffraction that would be created gets reduced and you have one number left and any repeating fraction now this is the big shocker to me because mathematicians call any repeating fraction one-third any repeating fraction rational rather and I have a query about that that I’m going to put in front of you so that irrational numbers are PI by square root of 3 and others now we’re all pretty familiar with PI because we learned about it in fifth grade and it’s three point one seven and it’s the relationship that means between a circle and it’s radius no pull back why is one-third called rational and that was my big question why is it one-third Oh Russia no one seemed to know it just said well that’s what they did so then I asked and my guidance was really funny because my guidance said while there were all men who were creating this awareness of rational and irrational numbers they could predict 1/3 so no matter how many parts were left over it would always be 1/3 1/3 is always point 3 3 3 3 3 this gets funnier remember we said a radius and it’s circle three point one seven if you wanted to know the circumference it’s 2 pi R if you want to know the area it’s PI R squared those two formulas have one thing in common constant and that constant is pi so pi is related to the circle in that whether it’s a little circle or great big one the relationship is saying and this is really important because once you begin to get your arms around it no matter what size the circle the relationship is the same and what you need to understand is that there are certain relationships in the reality that are constant they show up everywhere no this was the first year a tional number that everyone knew and understood and that was pi because they understood that this circle had this relationship now this is the mathematics and it’s there for fun and entertainment it’s not for you to be worked up about her anything like that so the next irrational number that became known was Phi P H I and Phi can be created from the Fibonacci sequence but it also comes and shows itself everywhere so we’ll start with the Fibonacci sequence some of you may have heard of this sequence this Fibonacci sequence is based on the first stitch of adding to itself so that’s why you have won it the first stitch and then adding to the previous numbers so the first digit is 1 the digit before it has nothing so then you get another one but then the second digit of 1 adds 1 to it something becomes 2 the 2 + 1 becomes 3 3 and to become 5 does everybody get that it’s pretty well known but it’s important to understand because when you get to the higher numbers 21 / 34 you get this magic relationship known as Phi pH I not buy but Phi these this number is irrational because it’s never the same so 1.618 9 is not the same as 1 point 6 1 7 and that’s important because it helps you understand that it’s always moving around it’s never quite the same and the way I like to tell this story is to say you bring home some beautiful flowers you pull the face out of the cupboard and you realize it’s dirty its dusty so you wash it off put the flowers in and you trim the flowers you get everything ready you go to put it in the coffee table the coffee tables all gets up it’s junk on it there’s everything so you clear it off you dust it everything looks wonderful and you know what we need or throw pillows so stir pillows don’t really go with the couch in the carpet do you buy new clothes you buy the throw pillows so then you think you know it wouldn’t be nice have a nice painting in the background this is how women approach things this is how we are operating like an irrational number we always could see one more thing that could be added so this begins to help you understand that women tend to be in a place where we’re always adding one more thing because we can see that it could have an adjustment and an improvement so the relationship phoned-in the Fibonacci sequence produces five the higher you go the more precise it comes so we’ve already given you the answer what comes after eight and that would be 13 and then 21 but Phi is not a number it’s a relationship and everyone who looks at the word Phi knows that it’s a relationship but what is a relationship a relationship is two numbers now Phi is known as the golden mean how do we get 1.618 how does it keep changing if you remember how we’re going to the sides I showed you two different fractions so Phi is found in the curl of an ocean wave and this is a lovely picture of Kim but I was showing you with this device how Phi is found in the face so this is a tool called the calipers and it shows that the difference between the chin and the nose is one and then that second distance from the nose to the forehead is 1.618 so no matter how you measure it if you’ve got two inches here then it would be two times 1.618 always the same the relationship is the same and when you reverse the calipers you end up with the third eye yes one third eye to the forehead is one and then the rest of the face is in fine now where am I going with this again this is a short course sometimes we take two days for this class no this is very useful because you begin to see that the relationship in your hand so from your little finger to the base of your hand to the base of your fingertips is one and then that larger shape is in Phi and what’s so amazing is no matter who you are you’re coming pretty close to this now not everyone is perfect you have to have a hundred people to get an absolute perfect score here but practically everybody is like this and it’s very powerful when you begin to see that and then you begin to see that even when you expand the calipers to show where the elbow is it does the same thing it shows you this same relationship five the shorter distance is one the bigger distance is five now I’m going through this pretty quickly only because I want to give you the big scope and then we’re going to drill down again it turns out that DNA is measured in angstroms and DNA has one particular kind of DNA called B DNA where you can measure it and that measurement is exactly 13 to 21 no oh it’s amazing is an angstrom is one ten billionth of a meter that means at the tiniest place in the reality you you’re still seeing this relationship it’s almost like a detective story the universe has given us if we would just pay attention to it and follow the links follow the signs now I’m going to show you what’s called the Phoenix sequence and a Phoenix sequence is very similar to the Fibonacci sequence so we’re going to do the same thing we’re gonna pick any two numbers and those of you who are comfortable with your calculators or you’re adding you can do this on your own if we pick edit your numbers in this case I’m my demo is 1 and 100 two numbers that are very far apart okay we add them together just like the Fibonacci sequence the next number would be 101 then we add 101 to 100 and we get 201 then we add 201 to 101 and we get 302 does everybody follow this so the last two numbers in the sequence that I’ve gone through is 8 9 5 5 divided by 5 5 3 4 no I want you to count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 iterations 10 times we paired the original two numbers we didn’t let anything else in so that’s the first hint go back to that thing we did with Debbie I wouldn’t let her add anything else in you got to keep the scope narrow and you keep adding and adding and adding now pull out your calculator pull out your phone and on the 9th and 10th iteration the last two numbers it will always produce fie so if you were to do this on your own and follow the Phoenix sequence you would get the same answer with any two numbers now what’s really fun this is a great parlor trick your friends may say oh you don’t know anything about math and you can say oh yes I do watch pick any two numbers and you make them add them and you make them add 10 times and then you say okay divide the last two numbers and I’ll tell you the answer and the answer is always gonna be 1.618 always always always always that source code that is source code now it’s very powerful once you get this because then you can realize okay I’m gonna keep my field very narrow it can’t be adding if I want to get married I can’t add a baby if I want a new job I can’t add some new aspect to it you got to keep it really focused and name your outcome not how you’re going to get there okay now let’s see so we now know two constants pi and five pi is 3.14 think of a circle and its relationship and we know five 1.618 living things are in relationship so phi is your key to living things large or small the relationship is one thing that never changes and it’s the one thing you will find consistently in art one of the things I do when I teach is class live is I’ll take those calipers and I’ll put it on the carpet no matter what hotel we’re in no matter where at I’ll take someone’s clothing and I’ll show you on their clothing where you can find Phi and the benefit is to begin to understand it turns out that studies have been done and people prefer that relationship over everything else and how do you how do you show that and the answer is you take a square and then you double it and then you make a bunch of squares and your bunch of rectangles in between those sizes and from the square you would inch up to this 1.618 which is almost two thirds when you think about it point six would be 2/3 right that’s where people start to love it and artists architects builders all know this and use it so this relationship fi shows up everywhere it shows up in the plant kingdom it shows up in the physical body and it shows up in something as Tiny as the DNA I call it source code but all irrational numbers require a relationship relationships can be expressed as a constant relationships can be expressed as a constant alike people mathematical relationships are constant even when they’re unpredictable so if you have someone in your life that calls you irrational you can say thank you that’s half the world no the reason I want you to understand irrational numbers is because it’s so powerful to have the ability to see and understand living things and then this picture that I’m going to show you is just a cute picture living things are in relationships and I always do this to make you laugh get a smile this is this is one of my grandchildren he’s taking his total enthusiasm not because you succeeded in grasping this drink but because it keeps disappearing and reappearing and he gets to try and that’s us we get to try and if you don’t get it the first time we can live like the child okay now we make movies by beginning with the after event and the after event is how does it feel now that we’ve achieved this outcome we include emotion and we see the event as a past event and then you allow yourself to experience your gratitude and expect the magic so now I’m gonna take another volunteer and I’m going to ask that it not your manifestation will be not be about money so if your manifestation movies about money you’ve already had your example pick something else and Kim will pick you raise your hand you can tell them how think you’re muted Kim there we go I was okay Paige you are unmuted I can you hear me yes okay helpful he can’t see me because I’m on the jammies but we don’t care if you’re in jammies okay so what’s your what do you want to manifest I want to manifest my that my crazy thinking my negative self-destructive thinking stops and that I’m happy okay so you want to unhook from the broken record of all that stuff yes okay Anand and that is being in a relationship with somebody but I know that’s not the solution but I see that as being constant a part okay pick one remember what I said as many movies as you want but you pick one to work with me okay I just wanted me I want to be happy I want my okay I like that I want to be happy that’s very cool okay now that you’re happy how I think’s different what event will prove that you are happy what is something that you don’t do now because you’re not happy I don’t socialize okay so if you were socializing more than you’d be happy that would be a picture of being happy in your world yes I can utilize more but that doesn’t mean I’m happy but to me if I’m really happy then I’m going to want to socialize yes right understood so we’re not saying you need to go do that is that’s one solution right we don’t want to work on the solution we want to work on the outcome you’re happy you know thick event that proves you’re happy and I’m gonna help you on this if you can’t think of anything and Kim I need a cue on time because I’m not seeing a clock here I know well okay I know that it when I’m happy or that when I’m happy and my thoughts aren’t going crazy that I’m not criticizing myself all the time and I don’t have this guttural reaction every time I think of something a negative memory comes up and I have this in my stomach and then I feel bad about myself so when I stop having those I know I’ll be happy okay um when you when you’re focused on the after event you don’t focus on what you don’t want so I’ll give you an example and Kim I need a cue I’m telling please you have to tell me eight minutes til the hour okay but we did start a little bit later did you set it up for longer than that right you did yes oh okay okay so when a woman is married to an alcoholic and she finally breaks away and it’s no in her own headache I’m not asking you to talk I’m trying to tell a story here hang on I’m gonna tell explain this to you and then I will invite you to see something so she finally breaks away and she’s on her own and her best friend says well what kind of man would you be interested in in the first words out of her mouth are someone who’s not an alcoholic well that’s not kind of work because all she knows is what she doesn’t want and the universe doesn’t understand the not word so in your case I recommend this goes back to the tools that I was going to tell you about which we’ll have time for hopefully the tools are in your case you want to make a list of everything you don’t want I don’t want to have dark thoughts I don’t want to have bad feelings I don’t want to whatever okay no in the case of the woman who’s married to no college I don’t want him to come I don’t want to be with somebody that comes home drunk I don’t want to come be with someone who makes me feel like he’s gonna beat me up I don’t want to be with someone who who talks mean to me okay no the opposite of that is and so you write all these stone and you put each I don’t want everyone pay attention here this is important you write each I don’t want on a separate page in a journal and make this journal of really inexpensive dime-store journal because you’re not going to be messing with it for very long okay each page has one of your don’t once write them all out wait 24 hours you will think of two or three more you always do you write those out and then you go back and you answer what the antidote of each one is so in the case of the woman who was married to the alcoholic the positive of I don’t want a man who comes home and spends the check would be I want to I want to be with a man who comes home with plenty of money and is very generous with me the next thing on what a man you come home right after work instead of kissing party you don’t write instead of his new parts but that’s the antidote of visiting the bars I want a man who loves to talk so he talked to me okay now you’re focused on what you do want okay so in your case you need to use this tool of writing a list of what you don’t want first and put each don’t want on a page okay the second thing I will highly recommend is that you do entity clearing because it may be that you are carrying energies that are not authentically you those entities or energies will drive you to have dark thoughts because that’s their lunch any being who left the earth angry or angry at God will seek a way to reexpress those emotions so when you die you don’t have a body you don’t have a mental body you don’t have an emotional body you do have a desire body because you have to create that and your desire body wants to be angry let’s say at whatever so you need that fuel so there are tools on YouTube for free you can learn how to clear yourself I’m Maureen state remains youtube-channel a very easy way to clear a very powerful way to clear so go watch those videos and learn how to do that and clear yourself every day to start to feel different make your short cut list okay no I’m gonna tell you one way that I think you will feel you will know you feel happy when you get up in the morning you want to get dressed when you get up and and take care of yourself you wanted to put on your makeup if you like to wear makeup you like to fix your hair okay you no longer hiding you see so although we talked about a social being the outcome I’m gonna say that your after event might be that you could stand in your living room and say you know what I don’t mind being alone and I look good and I feel good you see what I mean yeah that’s your after movie No somebody somebody important to you that’s in your life right now will either call you or come and see you who would it be my daughter I guess her name is Debbie Levy Abby I’m sorry I’m a deal Eddie uh-huh okay does she come and see you or does she phone you we talked on the phone she doesn’t color on them and she’s gonna be happy and everything Bob you really sound good what’s going on well Abby I feel great oh I I look forward to getting up in the morning and look forward to my job and I enjoy meeting people and I feel good look good I’m so happy to hear that and you might even say I feel so good that I like going to work say that I feel so good that I’m I like going to work well it’s been a long time since I’ve heard you say that I’m so happy for you thank you that feeling do you know what it feels like to hear your daughter say that to you yes that would feel good so don’t don’t yes and feel it ha ha ha feel it see when we say oh that would feel good we’re pushing it away because we’re afraid to have it in our own visual so um yeah it does feel good honey thanks for asking yeah see how that works yes no when you have that imaginary conversation at first it might be difficult and my suggestion to is just fake it till you make it pretend you’re an actress in that moment because this one’s going to be hard for you and you’re just gonna pretend that your daughter calls you and you tell her and well I feel awesome and she’s gonna say that’s great mom and then you’re gonna say I feel so good I actually like going to work again okay and then she’s gonna say mom I’ve not heard you say that in such a long time that makes me so happy now when your daughter says that you or some other appropriate positive response you will feel it you’ll feel it in your heart and you’ll feel it in your solar plexus that will change you that changing of you put you on a different timetable a different track and you were on it before and do those other things that have given us tools okay let’s keep going nice work by the way no thank you all right so here we go this is a review you always look back in time from your after event so you name the event that you want to achieve um let’s say this is funny I’ll tell you a story about how I manifest in a book in this so this will show you a shortcoming here so you don’t do what I did I manifested writing a book and signing with the big publisher and I decided that if I was going to do this and this work at this matera was that could I wouldn’t need to sign a one-book deal I’d sign a two-book deal or better and that’s what I burnt out that’s what I manifested and I signed at three-book deal with Hampton Roads publishing I was overjoyed to have done this okay but I didn’t go to the end picture it isn’t enough to sign a book deal with the publisher because that’s wasn’t wasn’t where I was ready to look I was running a book to help other people help other people I shared what I had figured out what I had learned from my own connection to manifestation that company had a bunch of big money coming in when they sign me to this three book deal six months later after I did my part and submitted the first manuscript and still didn’t get my check I started talking to my agent and said there’s something wrong here you know I they say the checks coming I hear from the accountant two checks in the mail but nothing ever happens what’s going on he had a call from the president bottom line that money didn’t come in that they thought was coming in and they had to pull some things off the table and since I was a three-book deal it was easy to get rid of me so I remember calling my agent and saying I can’t believe it no I can’t say I manifested a three-book deal and he said Marie you did manifested three-book deal but it wasn’t enough what did I really want I wanted people to read and learn and benefit I wanted people to be able to say to me what I read in your book made the difference I’ve changed I’ve transformed made a huge difference so if your heart’s desire is to do something that impacts the reality helps people don’t imagine that you’ve signed a deal or worked with somebody instead go to that bigger manifestation much bigger that you’re getting feedback that people are fine your book your product whatever it is and they’re thanking you for doing it then you know that you have succeeded huge difference huge difference and one little story a personal story about myself and this is in the book whenever started using this manifestation technique I was working with my son who was going to an Ivy League school and he’d gotten in and he’d been given a giant scholarship but I still had to come up with $10,000 a year and this was like 15 years ago was a huge sum for me and it was definitely not in my budget at all i I was actually sliding a little bit under every month because my income and my obligations were such and the first payment of $5,000 I got a letter saying send it and I looked at this letter and I remember thinking there’s no way I’m gonna send them $5,000 I already have it and then they said if you don’t want to send a full month just send us a thousand dollars a month then I thought if I said you were those notice look I’m not gonna make the house payment that’s not gonna happen I threw the letter away okay first semester had to be paid for before he can register for second semester so now I was on the mission and I did manifest that money that $5,000 it was needed to cover it but I remember thinking this is way too hard this is way too hard I need something bigger so instead of trying to manifest $5,000 7 more times I went for the big picture I’ll be able to manifest that 40k now at that time in my life I don’t think I had more than you know two thousand dollars in my account at any one time and that’s what I kept seeing now I was so terrified that I would fail that I couldn’t see anything in my mind’s eye that would prove that this was real finally I thought well if he graduates we go so graduation then I’ll know that I succeeded because you can’t participate in graduation unless you’ve paid your bill but I couldn’t even get my mind I couldn’t conjure up him in a cap and a gown so then I took his high school graduation picture and put it on my desk and looked at it every day 2030 times a day and I just said two sentences the first one was there were some crazy moments and the second one was but it wasn’t that hard when I first started saying it I could barely get the words out and some of you can relate did you listen to the others but little by little it was easier and easier to move into that place and I imagined that my son would say back to me mom I knew you were gonna do it when you told me you would do it I knew I would do it it was just a done deal so remember this when you are manifesting that all of this works in conjunction together no in the book be a genie there’s a lot of math that helps you begin to understand and I’m skipping over some of that just to make it easier for you in the teleclass since we’re only supposed to be on for an hour and I know we started little eight so I think we’re okay your movies may not be for someone else so remember that you’re not manifesting for someone else in my case with the movie about my son he still had to show up he still had to do schoolwork he still had to keep his grade point average up to keep your scholarship but I had to do my part and my part was that last 10k if you know what you want the money for focus on that rather than money because money is really a very transitional kind of thing so if you know you need a new car focus on the fact you have the car that makes you happy and what would the movie be you’re driving it and parking it and some would seen you in the movie theater a lot at the grocery store alive and stopping you and saying hey are you in a loaner is your car in the shop again and you proudly say no this is my new car like that that’s that simple okay go for the most evolved version you can your part is to allow the universe to show you how it occurs your job is the destination keep yourself in integrity any lie or white lie saving face or a big lie tell us the universe there’s not enough if you don’t know when you’re lying or where your life I suggest you ask your angels to tell you because everyone tells little lies all the time they just don’t know it and they don’t realize it so what you want to do is ask your angels and guys to point out to you when you’re lying and then when you catch yourself very easily very gracefully say oh I met this because you’ll know the minute something comes out of your mouth oh yeah I was first in my class well actually I met I was in the top ten real simple fix do you see I really meant this a simple thing remember even a white lie or saving face tells the universe is not enough so don’t do it this is a great thing I’ve read in John Lennon’s biography I always knew I was going to make it but I wasn’t sure what manifestation I read the use of books and I read a music before I ever put anything out and it would half expect to see my name in your review even though I hadn’t written a book rustling I was expecting to see myself in the newspapers to be families I knew it’s just a matter of time okay so this is what we’re going to stop because I’m not going to get into the math but trust me there’s way more that we could do if you want to have a continuation of this I’m not sure how to do that Kim what do you want to do do you want to have people sign up for it we’ll just we’ll just think about it and give us feedback on how much you like this I would love to offer more information but I truly don’t want to overwhelm but I think it’s very powerful material because once you have it in your consciousness nobody can take it away thank you okay I’m nothing I was just going to say did you want to take any questions or should we just leave it at this and then house they’re entirely up to you right now it’s well yeah it’s 11 minutes after and that’s probably about when we really got started so I think we’re we’re probably right on time right now okay so does anybody have any question a burning question they want to ask like what you’ve forgiven so far you could raise your hand if if you do and if not I’m gonna give you one last closing tool there’s lots of tools in the material so I have a question and it’s probably you know for everyone as well is so once we have our 25 items written out do we pick one at a time and then go to the end story and do each one individually yes yes and the reason you write 25 is because you’re gonna cherry pick once you see your 25 you’re gonna think oh I want to do that one or I want that way so you’re not always gonna eat what you think of in a certain order isn’t necessarily what you will choose to create movies on and pick some little ones and big ones because the little ones will give you immediate success which will help you stay on task with the bigger ones you can have as many movies as you want how long do you keep running this mental movie the answer is as long as you remember it if you forget about it you’re done another tool if when you’re mentally having this conversation like Debbie was having this conversation with her daughter if the script changes and she says something that you did not script in your mind that is the universe showing you then it’s already a done deal and you can kind of unhook from it watch it happen okay so here’s my final tool that I’m going to share with you there’s lots more like I said in the material and that is to first and this is something that was taught to me by my angels when I was still in college for every dark thought have at least two or more positives so let’s say your dark thought is I hate my job your positive is it pay me well I have a great vacation schedule I love my coworkers I like my customers my boss would you donate with I hate my boss you start with the one thing you don’t like and then you come up with two or three positives and you stay with those now just like seeds you’re going to outnumber the dark and the universe is going to give you the light so whenever you have a dark thought use it as a cue like an alarm clock that tells you okay two more positives and what happens is your ability to look at the bright side of everything changes when I was in college and I transferred into a new school and I was not happy was gonna happen at the situation there was none happy about anything my parents are trying to break up a relationship so they got me talked me into moving to another school so I did and I asked for this solution which was given to me two or three weeks in to this new school the head of Admissions came to me and looked at me and said I want you to take prospective students around because I’ve heard you and I know how you look at things she turned every time someone would say over the food’s better I’d say yeah we do this made donuts as we want or you know this is not right and I’d say yeah but bah-bah-bah because I had made this commitment to my angels if I hear a dark side I could agree with it but then I had to come up with two positives to end it on it or more so that’s a very wonderful shortcut you can use right away to start to change the way you look at life every time you find yourself when the dark thought follow it with two positives two or three positives that are related so you don’t say I hate my job but I love my kids uh-huh it’s uh how it works I hate my job but pays well I hate my job but it makes the bills you know everybody else is getting laid off I’m still working whatever it is okay all right so I’d like to close with I have just two quick questions then I think you’re gonna be really quick first of all is how necessary is it to understand the math it’s not necessary to understand it just havin having it taking it in allows your subconscious to say oh this isn’t airy-fairy stuff this is real there’s a solid foundation behind it maybe so many times in our subconscious we dismiss stuff we hear because we know it’s just a bunch of bull you see so it gets you past your BS meter that’s one person called it okay and the other question is when we’re writing out our twenty five things that we want why not 20 or 30 why why did you pick 25 I pick 25 because it’s a good number and you could have 30 there’s some once in a while like like once a year I’ve written up as many as 100 and it just helps you understand where you’re at what you really want so I I do encourage you to write at least 25 because that’ll get you in passed those two hopes that I’ve told you about okay yes and I will be sending there was another question is it possible to replay this and the answer is yes I will be sending out the replay so to everybody who couldn’t get on and to everybody who wants to review so okay great and and there’s so many thank yous and great messages you may want to take a look at some of the comments Maureen because they’re you yeah lots of things and appreciation very good no and we do want you to write me a little review that we can use at our website please do so and then just say at the bottom okay to use on the website that will say both of us time and Kim can send it to our witness your and you’d be so grateful alright one more thing is one more thing and that is on Monday we’re holding the Higher Self class at 4:00 p.m. Eastern and that access information will go out shortly but just know that that is happening so okay so the Higher Self course course for free yes then you want to be on that call if you have extra questions if you did not download it for free and you already bought it you can be on the call and if you wanted to download it you’re gonna have to pay unfortunately because it’s just a short window and it is a hundred and ten dollars so that’s the bad news now we are working with zoom to upgrade our membership so that we can tolerate thousand people instead of just one hundred so for every one of you who are watching this on the replay please express my sincere apology we tried working with them for a couple of days thinking it would be a no-brainer but they’re overwhelmed as you can well imagine so no fault of theirs either we’re grateful that zoom exists and we’re grateful to get such a good connection okay thank you so let’s go prayer Thank You valise for everybody who’s joined we thank all of you for your opportunity to be together we ask that each one of you be escorted to an ethnic retreat the site for further research and study that you are able to remember and understand what you need to remember and understand we ask for most benevolent elcome for each one of you and we ask for and claim a day of have another for yourself and everyone you come in contact with and that’s one of the tools ask for a day I’ve never done earth for you and everyone you come in contact and so it is oh man okay everyone thank you so much and hope to see many of these faces on Monday and try to listen if you did get the download try to listen to the workshop prior to Monday’s class that would be helpful and if you don’t you know can’t get around to it you know you can still attend and then or listen to the replay because we will be doing that as well so thank you everyone thanks Maureen bye-bye okay bye everyone

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