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Admin marketing teams are already marketing for you Worldwide! …. So, NO Referring required ….
How Do I Join And How Am I Paid? ….
We pay out 7 days a week….
And, joining and getting paid is Extremely Easy! ….
We have several choices, which are the Cash App, Venmo and Bitcoin ….
We have also added a Cash or Money Order option as well ….
and you can pay and get paid by whichever one you prefer ….
So, when you pay in, our software will record your pay information, and then we pay you in the same way you use when you pay us.
Step 2: Email 2bizpays@gmail.com
SUBJECT LINE: Type in how you want to pay
(Cash App/Venmo/BitCoin, etc.)
In the BODY of email: Write as stated below
“I want to Join Level 1, Level 2 and so on..
My Sponsor is: Juan C Montes de Oca or juancun2606@gmail.com
Note: You can start with level 1 (can move up anytime)
“Be sure to say Juan C Montes de Oca or juancun2606@gmail.com referred you to get my spill over”
*Step 3: You will receive an email with details on how to make payment.
Send the payment and reply them back with payment details, payment screen shot etc.
Extra note:
Group 1 pays out on every 5 sign ups
>>> Group 2 pays out on every 4 sign ups
>>> Group 3 pays out on every sign up
>>> Group 4 pays out on every sign up


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